Introducing Men's Skin & Beard Care

Home Brew Express Facial and Beard Treatment
Did you know beer is an amazing conditioner for coarse hair? It's also loaded with natural enzymes which are great for the skin. This facial is a hopped up version of our classic Men's Facial and Beard Treatment. Plus, enjoy a glass of our MarketFresh seasonal brew following your treatment. 40 minutes. $35

Detox Retox Friday
Now featuring: MarketFresh Organic Raspberry Wheat! Schedule your appointment for Detox Retox Friday today.

MarketFresh products for your awesome beard.
MarketFresh products are mixed, melted, made, poured and packaged by hand here at Aura using natural and organic ingredients. Vintage inspired, human tested and approved. Face-friendly and won't clog pores.
Gentlemen's Beard Lather - A rich creamy lather to gently cleanse is infused with conditioning and protective castor oil and candelila wax. Blended with grapefruit, clove, vanilla and lavender essential oils. 4 oz. $10
Beard and Skin Food – Based on a 1902 skin food recipe, this conditioning gloss seals the cuticle and adds shine to your beard. Also great as a lip balm and treatment for dry skin anywhere. 1 oz. tin $5
Beard and Skin Cream – A creamier version of our Beard and Skin Food, featuring coconut and hazelnut oils. Great for fuller facial hair. 1.5 oz. $6